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House of Providence, Irinjalakuda

House of Providence, Irinjalakuda
Kerala is a land of paradoxes. A land mixed with ironies and beacons of hope at the same time. In the heart of a small town called Irinjalakuda, shines a beacon of hope for over half a century. It is a home for the old and destitute, where refuge is offered to anyone without asking for their caste, creed, race or religious affiliation. The priests and inmates of The House of Providence share a bond that proved for years that humanity and service to mankind are the essence of worship and devotion to God.

Inhabitants of Irinjalakuda have proved from time to time that service to humanity is beyond borders of religion and political differences and have contributed to the success of this venture. The stories of inmates of House of Providence is heart wrenching. Many of them are abandoned by thier children for whom they sacrificed the better part of their lives. And others are abandoned mercilessly once they were bankrupt or bedridden at the verge of their existence. The existence of such organizations raise a question about the morality of the present society as well as give us hope that all is not lost.


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