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A story for each Road

Memories about Irinjalakuda is intense as the colours of the town
Each town is remembered for a reason. But Irinjalakuda can be remembered for a million reasons. Each street and alley share a special space in the memory lane. Each road is remarkable with its own history and landmarks. A list of roads starting from the legendary Pattamali Road, to the Iconic Puttungal Temple Road, the evergreen Chachu Chakkiyar Road and Kitta Menon Road, the icons and past are embedded in each corner of the town. Irinjalakuda is a town of legends and stories. Though commercialization and politics are poisoning the veins of the town, the immaculate beauty of the town fights its hard ground. Irinjalakuda is known for its rich harmonious atmosphere. One can travel throughout the town and find uniqueness in each corner of the town. The glorious past of the town coexists with the bright future that envelops the State of Kerala. 

Each street of Irinjalakuda tells the story of a generation. The stories that has the fragrance of our childhood. Those stories when we roamed the town on our bicycles, occupying ourselves with cricket, football and exploring each corner of the town. Each road, each public space and each building will definitely have a unique story to tell you. Though most of the names, buildings and memories are fading in the passage of time, some are etched beyond eternity.


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