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While we wait to celebrate

Land of Festivals
Irinjalakuda has always been the land of cultural events and festivals. Not a month pass by without a celebration in this town. These celebrations and events have shaped the culture and tradition of this place. A few of the events stand apart due to the presence of domesticated elephants. Today I happened to witness an elephant being transported through the town. Tamed elephants had been a part of Indian Military history and culture. Vast number of domesticated elephants have been associated with festivals in Irinjalakuda. 
Utsavam in the town attracts many ethusiasts due to the overwhelming presence of elephants assembled. Over the years, progressive steps had been taken to enhance the comfort and health of these gentle giants. Media and citizens played a significant role in preventing cruelty to these calm giants thereby improving their standard of living. The change had been overwhelming. This not only decreased the number of incidents of mishap but saved the elephants for unnecessary torture and routines. Being born in town and domesticated had rendered many of them unable to adapt to life in jungle. However studies and research conducted on domesticated elephants have been valuable in focusing on healthcare and treatment specifically to elephants. This had eventually led to saving numerous lives of elephants in the jungles and in towns. 
A significant rise in the number of elephants have been achieved as a result. The rate of incidents of cruelty against animals have decreased to 87% compared the past decade. Still this has a long way to go along with rehabilitation of domesticated animals to where they actually belong to, without inflicting its impact upon the culture of the state. Kerala is also renowned for ayurvedic treatments provided for elephants. 


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