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Nostalgia and a Deck of Cards

Playing Cards at Municipal Ground, Irinjalakuda
A wise person once said, "The world is as big as your heart can acknowledge." In all these years visiting Aiyyankavu Ground, what I find amusing is that, how this place resisted the change that took over Irinjalakuda.  For many, Municipal ground is a flashback to our youth.

From morning walks to never ending matches, this ground have seen it all. Apart from sports and practice sessions, this ground had become venue for cultural and social events that transformed the face of Irinjalakuda. Aiyyankavu ground is located in midst of the Municipality building and the Republic Park. The esteemed presence of this ground have invoked various cultural and sports activities in town. A generous gesture from the Aiyyankavu Temple that gifted the inhabitants of Irinjalakuda endless joy, these are what makes Irinjalakuda unique. But what makes the ground really special is that, this place is emotionally important for each individual of Irinjalakuda.

The majestic lush field evokes memories for each person who had ever stepped into this field. Those moments chasing rings of cigarette smoke or the heat of a football game doesn't matter, all that matter is the passion and sweat that mixed with the soil of this ground. Each person has a reason to not forget this ground because this place is beyond time. The serene wind that cherishes the lush greenery is the same. The energy of youth that came and gone in this playground is the same. The lazy afternoons that stirred the soul, introspecting our decisions remains the same. The winds in this part of town can tell a thousand stories if you are willing to listen. Stories of new found hope, stories of broken hearts and stories of inspiring energy that transformed lives. As you keep walking to the center of this ground; when the ground is empty, the scene is altogether different. This place transforms into its spiritual self. A wave of calmness overtakes your soul setting your spirit free through the highways of your mind. A moment touching your life, a moment in which you can listen to your soul.

Some of my friends whom I shared my childhood in Irinjalakuda, ended up in different corners of the world. But upon reuniting in this ground we seemed to live backwards. Those far cry of cricket matches and football matches. Flipping cards searching for glory. Some actions that we deemed lazy ended up defining our lives giving us memories to cherish and recall. No matter which corner of the world we end up, we wander into this lush green field once again either enjoying the fragrance of this soil or in our evergreen memories.


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