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Tovino Thomas
Tovino Thomas is one of the upcoming stars in the Malayalam film industry. Acclaimed for his role in ABCD (American born confused Desi) as the anti-hero - Akhilesh Verma, he had made an impressive debut in the Malayalam film industry. With films - You too Brutus, Starring Pournami, 7th Day and Koothara to his upcoming projects, the star from Irinjalakuda is going strong.What was striking during the interview was his humility and confidence.

Q: How will you explain your journey from being a well-paid software engineer to a film star?
A: I believe what happened to be just a shift in my career. I had a dream to be an actor, and I had to take a leap of faith from the comfort and security of my career as an engineer to chase my dreams. I believe that my decision was justified.

Q: What do you feel like while working with veterans like Mohanlal, Sreenivasan and Bharat?
A: I feel more committed to my profession as an actor. I am thankful for the great learning experience and have immense respect for these talented actors.

Q: What was your source of motivation in pursuit of this dream?
A: In my perspective, it was a group effort. While my parents supported and nurtured me, my brother and rest of my family was keen to guide me on my pursuit. My friends were also guiding and supporting me all the time. Hence my dream was not just mine anymore. That gave me a sense of satisfaction. I had the opportunity to interact with my friends over my profiles in facebook and twitter. This was exciting and I feel honored that my actions have the power to touch a lot of lives.

Q: So what is your message to students and youngsters?
A: Believe in yourself and chase your dreams. Have a lot of patience and perseverance. Plan your course of actions and always work towards a higher objective than immediate points of interest.


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