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A few things we could do for 5 Rupees

Progress they said, and thus we opened up the system

The year was 2004, and I was set to leave Irinjalakuda for my higher studies. Back then my pocket money was Rupees 20 per day. It was a luxury back then when you save two or three days of pocket money and venture out shopping. Especially when a Chicken Biriyani was just Rs 35. Yes, India have progressed but what I don't understand is that I don't find these coins around anymore. Shopkeepers are eager to round things up and governments are busy stealing taxpayers hard earned money. There was a day when A Chicken Shawarma cost just Rs 20 in Irinjalakuda and Chilly Chicken was available for Rs 30. A hundred Rupee note in your pocket made you an emperor with minions surrounding you on your way to Bakery. Inflation raised my pocket money from 5 to 20 per day. Still there was hope and money was valuable.

A decade later I got a coin. It was so small that I considered it for a Rupee. To my shock it was nothing but Five precious rupees.

1) Travel to Kodungalloor on a limited stop bus
2) An egg puff and a change of 1 Rupees
3) One Lemon Soda and a Parippuvada
4) 2 Idlis
5) 2 Samosa and a Big Babool
6) One Lottery Ticket
7) 2 Wills
8) 5 Center Fresh Chewing Gum
9) Balarama
10) 3 Boiled eggs
11) Watch a movie.


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