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Standing the test of Time

Koodalmanikyam Temple, Irinjalakuda
The architecture of Koodalmanikyam Temple, Irinjalakuda is one of its kind. Unique from most temples in India and a place of unique dimensions. The spacious structure have stood the test of time for over 1200 years or more. The mega structure of the temple has bodies of water situated on each direction. Guarded by walls and citadels and strategic gates that control the flow of crowd. It is a pity that the architectural design of this magnificent monument is much ignored.

The structure also consists a 'Koothambalam' that is getting restructured. This is one of the unique aspects of Koodalmanikyam Temple. Koodalmanikyam is one of the few temples to house a Koothambalam. The main structure was spread over a wide geographic territory. It is documented that Koodalmanikyam Temple owned land in and around Irinjalakuda. Koodalmanikyam temple was generous to donate land to construct Government institutions, colleges and other institutions. However the Temple is much ignored by the administrators and government authorities. There exists a few relevant academic study and research about the past of this iconic landmark.

A precise academic research about the architecture and history of this temple will not only bring international attention but also support and fund to reconstruct this landmark scientifically. It is just a relevant question that for how long this millennium old structure will be ignored.  


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