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Development with a Soul

Future Awaits
Election is around the corner and sprouts of development are all over Irinjalakuda. With the new hope of development, votes are milked out of the average citizen. Roads are well maintained, water tanks are cleaned and government buildings are repainted. With promises of new development projects, tonnes of concrete awaits to find new home. Is it what this picturesque town really needs? 

Not a few years ago the skies of Irinjalakuda was decorated with bright stars. Never anymore. The powerful lights from below overshadow the stars. All one could see is a reflection of the reflection of pollution discharged into the sky. Green fields have made way for concrete structures and temperature have soared many folds. What we need to emphasize is that development is not only about concrete structures. For that we need to have well educated political leaders who are not products of just another faulty education system. What had been the culture of a town is slowly eliminated without concern, replacing it with money minting mechanisms. The saddest part is that the citizens are concerned about justifying what their favourite political parties stands for than the future they will be put to go through.

Not many days from now the roads will be dug again for fresh reasons. Civilians will be forced to attend queues in front of municipal office for fresh issue of cards and policy changes. Even nations in Europe are developed, yet the initial structures and vegetation that define the cities are well maintained. In Singapore even the architecture is pre-defined so as to make the city habitable and to have a positive influence on the lives of individuals that occupy the city. Then the argument comes in that we are not as rich as European Nations. But the fact is that we are a nation that produces billion dollar scams over and over again. So the problem is inherent. Soon the municipality had also learned and Health Department officials tried their luck by sending random letters to individuals in hope of clasping Rs 250 per complaint of depositing garbage on city streets in which most political parties, theaters, hotels and influential groups were exempted. This town has the resources to become the shining example of change before the nation once it cleans up the system and channels its energy to the right direction of change. Let us hope and all we can do is to hope.


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