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Kathakali in Irinjalakuda

Kathakali during Koodalmanikyam Utsavam
Kathakali is one of the iconic art forms from Kerala. The performance is an elaborate mix of dance-drama in tune with the anchor playback music and complementary percussion. Once regarded as a prestigious form of art and music, Kathakali have etched its space in the tradition and culture of Kerala. Currently this form of art is facing the threat of extinction since the number of students dwindled and performance of this art form is limited to just a few venues all across the state.

Irinjalakuda decorates an important place in the growth and heritage of Kathakali in Kerala. The legend Unnai Warrier hailed from Irinjalakuda and holds a prominent place in the history of Kathakali. Irinjalakuda is one of the few locations in Kerala where Kathakali venues are still active and students are trained to perform this noble form of art. 


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