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Rest in Peace

Fr. Pious Chittilappilly
Once in a while when society is about to lose faith in itself comes a life, which reinforces the fact that the best prayer that we could offer to the lord is a meaningful life. Fr. Pious Chittilapilly’s life was his prayer to the lord. A purposeful life understanding that everlasting love of god and service to the world are the greatest gifts a life can leave behind. Not only he could serve the mankind better, his deeds kindled the seeds of faith and holiness in lives touched by his actions. 

He was a glaring example of simplicity and how a life could give so much to the society. As true servant of god, his actions were beyond man-made barriers in the society. In his purposeful life he mentored, served and loved lives beyond caste, creed, religion and distance. Only a true human being can see the humanity within the world around him. He offered advice and brought many people to the path that made their life meaningful. Even during days when he was suffering from cancer he always had a cheerful smile to share and words of god that could lighten lives even at the darkest moments. He overcame his pain through sacrifice and service to humanity. He never wished his actions to be thanked for or sought for publicity. But he wished the world to transform and smile as a result of his gestures of kindness. His life was the greatest message he left behind. In a world struggling with narrow minded thoughts and actions, he stood apart. He always had a gift to share or a sweet to share with those who came across him. 

One thing that he closely observed was the lives of people around him. He read the minds on the ones in need and gave a helping hand even without being asked for. He served the young and old alike. Armed with unwavering faith in God, he was able to touch lives far and wide. St. Francis of Assisi has said, “All the darkness in the world cannot extinguish the light of a single candle.” Similarly the life and message of Fr. Pious Chittilappilly will be a guiding light for lives that had been touched by the divine light he had reflect over the years. 


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