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Koodalmanikyam Utsavam 2014 - Mridangamela

Mridangamela led by Korambu Vikraman Namboodiri
Koodalmanikyam Utsavam 2014 has began followed by the Mridangamela organized by Korambu Vikraman Namboodiri. Mridangamela had been an integral part of Koodalmanikyam Utsavam for decades. Usually the mela comprises of creating a symphony using mridangas and other drums to add variance. The artists are aged from 4-30. These artists have honoured venues all over India and abroad. Mridangamela have also been presented before dignitaries such as K Jayachandran, Ministers of the State, Dr. K. J. Yesudas and so on.

However it is hard to come across Mridangamela in the official circular of events due to adamant attitude of authorities and ignorance of shortsighted social leaders of Irinjalakuda. Mridangamela evolved as a struggle of Korambu Subrahmaniyan Namboodiri following the adamant attitude of authorities in charge of the temple who were keen to ignore this divine art. At a point the authorities shut their eyes towards the dreams and dedication of the young talent as young as age 4 who were born in Irinjalakuda. The young ones were denied a stage to perform before their beloved Lord Sangameshwara.

Koramb Subhramaniyan Namboodiri took a stand and fought for the dreams of young ones who practiced Mridanga day in and out. The brave Maestro did not back out from his dedication to Lord Sangameshwara, he organized the Mridangamela before the Lord himself and overcame every resistance the authorities put forward all by the divine blessings of Lord Sangameshwara. Till day Mridangamela is carried out each year without fail by the successors of Korambu Subrahmaniyan Namboodiri. The symphony was performed before a huge crowd and is regarded as one of the highlights of Kodiyettam.


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