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When Time Fades

When times Fade
Back in the days, Kerala was altogether a different place. The days when there were much lesser drunkards and traffic. The days where evening meant to be the time children went out to play. Elephants are still etched in our fond memories. Colourful festivals that bring the warmth of ages that have gone by. We cannot forget the picture of the elephants that came as soon as it is festive time. Along the elephant were men who lived and stayed with elephants. Mahouts devout their life to train and maintain elephants. The Mahouts of older generations tend to work with a single elephant there by forming a bond with the animal similar to their own children. There had been tales about the unbroken bond between elephants and mahouts that still melt the heart of Malayalees. 

The tradition had eroded in time and mahouts had been replaced with contract workers who were not experts nor have the bond with the elephant. Mahouts not only maintained the elephants but were experts in treating the elephants and controlling them in case anything goes wrong. As society loses the bond of affection the probability of error had increased. This could be pointed out for the increasing number of violent incidents involving elephants in the recent past. What we must understand is that elephants are living beings too; unless and until they are treated with love and respect, the clock is ticking.


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